The perfect tool for sales & market research.

With VirtualCampaign, you can distribute your services and products easily and effectively. As a film or as a virtual 360° experience (VR).

The challenge in sales is giving the customer a realistic image of how his campaign or product will appear in the real word. Simply show a film in advance which conveys this completely realistically.

In the eyes of your customers, this means you have gone the extra mile in advance, giving rise to a subconscious desire to buy something from you in order to ‘call it quits’.

Exploit this impulse for sales success.


Swap 2D or 3D content in films with just a few clicks.


Suitable for all devices: iPad, Android, iPhone, PC or Mac.


Improve your sales success measurably using individualised films.


Create regionally relevant and personalised advertising films, product films or image films at the touch of a button.


From one operator with one film up to 1000 operators and 10,000 films. Create as many films as you want.



Replace content in your films!

Create the perfect film for any customer, any occasion and any situation without cutting costs and without having to wait. Log in, upload your motifs, and click “create” – it’s that easy! Whether you’re out and about, at the office, in a presentation or at home, VirtualCampaign is always online for you.
Do you want to show your customer how his or her poster would be viewed from a driver’s perspective? Then simply replace the filmed poster with a new motif. Or quickly personalise your advert spot for different target groups or markets. Impressive? Well, we think so and so do our customers.

Start now!

Sell easier with VirtualCampaign.