Market research

How do you test your campaigns? Classically, on cards? With photos in which the motifs have been changed using Photoshop? With a simulation?

Let your test subjects experience something absolutely realistic – in a film or even in virtual reality. Present your campaigns, created at a low cost with a just a few clicks. Again and again. Without additional expense, in the shortest time possible.

With VirtualCampaign you can easily

– Change motifs on posters
– Show moving motifs on digital advertising spaces
– Change products virtually on POS
– Brand vehicles or buildings
– Change film elements in advertising spots
– Test motifs to see if they attract attention, or simply test out advertising locations

In VirtualCampaign films, test subjects are no longer clumsily directed to the advertising media. They can view them on location and decide for themselves whether they want to give attention to a campaign – or not.

Talk to us and bring your market research up to a new level.