Don’t sit on the sidelines.
See for yourself!

A film is restricted to a certain field of vision. A virtual reality film lets you experience it close up. There is no more “behind the camera”. Every movement of your head is 1:1 transmitted into the film. With VR glasses or a smartphone or tablet, you can look around you as if you were in the real world. Dive right into the action!

VirtualCampaign 360° – It’s a visual extension of VirtualCampaign. We create 360° clips for you, letting you change elements with just a few clicks – as you would with the classic VirtualCampaign clips – and create a complete impression of your virtual world.

Show customers what it looks like inside your new department store. Present your new campaign in the coolest way that your customers have ever experienced. Impress your customers with the superb effects of your advertising media. Or test out the effect of a campaign completely realistically using virtual space.

360° videos can be shared via different channels: Upload your 360° clip onto your YouTube channel, play it using a VR player on your computer or impress your customers with VirtualCampaign VR glasses. Of course, we also offer upload and hosting services for your films on YouTube.

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